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Ben Fourier, known as Shunta Shidō (四堂 駿太) in the Japanese version, is a major character in Time Hollow. He is one of Ethan Kairos' best friends. He, Ethan, Vin Threet and Morris Fivet have known each other since childhood and currently attend the same school. He has a crush on Olivia Eights. His timeline was changed where he had killed Olivia's boyfriend Aaron. After Ethan changed it to remove the pliers, Ben was instead had a fight with Aaron and hit his head. However, in another alternate timeline, Ethan had already taken the pillars, resulting in Ben be hospitalized, before Ethan took the rock that caused it, changing history so Ben beat Aaron up. On the 12th August 1998 Ben was looking after the dog Shiloh who unfortunately died. This had a huge impact on him. In current day, he has adopted Shiloh and lets Morris walk him often.

Description Edit

  • A good friend of mine. Kind of a wuss, but not a bad guy.