This article is about the location named Chronos. You might be looking for the flashback of the same name.

Chronos is a café situated in the town in which Time Hollow takes place. Assuming the top of the in-game map to be north, it is slightly east from the intersection, and north-west from the Kairos House. It is a pivotal plot location, in that it serves as the first place the player and Ethan find out about conflicts in the game, such as the murder of Aaron Sevens. It has three main views in the game; the exterior, the interior, and the bike rack outside. Chronos was started by Derek Kairos. In many realities, Olivia Eights works at the café.


  • The greek word chronos stands for the passing of time or more specific the unnoted passing of time (the same as the saying "time flies"), it also means the personification of time. The name of the cafe was also there for chosen, seen as you want people to feel at home and don't want them to notice the time.