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Irving Onegin, known as Seisaku Ichiyanagi (一柳 清作) in the Japanese version, is the main antagonist of Time Hollow. He is the son of Mary Onegin. Irving is initially introduced as the proprietor of the antique shop, Aeon.

Description Edit

  • Seems to be the owner of the Aeon antique shop.
  • Opened a Hole to the past and disappeared inside. He's gone for good now.

Story Edit

Irving developed an obsession for his classmate, Kori Twelves, mainly due to the fact that Kori resembled his deceased mother, at least according to him. Kori, however, refused his advances and is almost killed by Irving, but is saved by the actions of Timothy Kairos when Irving pushes her from the school rooftop. Her moment of peace was only temporary, as he was able to abduct her later on and have her do his bidding by spying on Ethan.

Like the Kairos family, Irving also possesses a Hollow Pen that allows him to manipulate past events. While Ethan's pen is green, his is orange. He inherited his pen from his mother, Mary, who died in a bus accident (35 years ago). Since the reason his mother died was because she had supposedly received a letter from Ethan's father to meet him somewhere, Irving has resolved to kill off the Kairos family for revenge, starting with Ethan's parents, Timothy and Pamela Kairos, by entrapping them in a restaurant fire. He also tries to kill people who are close to Ethan. In more than a few occasions he murders Ethan's friends like Ashley, Morris, and even acquaintances like Olivia, who just works at the cafe he frequents, leaving Ethan to undo their deaths.

As with Ethan's father, he has aged quite a lot due his continued use of the Hollow Pen.