Kori Twelves (surname possibly changed to Kairos or Twelves-Kairos when she married Derek Kairos in the canon timeline), known as Kanon Jūnibayashi (十二林 かのん) in the Japanese version, is a major character in Time Hollow. She is first introduced as one of the students in Ethan Kairos' classroom shortly into the game. It is later revealed that Kori plays a much larger role in the narrative, and is connected to the mystery of the Hollow Pen itself.

In the canon timeline, she is Derek's husband and Ethan's aunt. She is also the sister-in-law of Pamela and Timothy, and apparently has a daughter.

Description Edit

  • Was suddenly part of our class one day...
  • Went through a Hole and was left behind by the flow of time.
  • Came here from 19 years ago. Different from the Kori we've had around lately...

Story Edit

Kori is first introduced being new at Kako High as someone Ethan doesn't remember. While searching for the money Ashley lost with which she and Emily would buy him a present, Ethan finds a letter at the bulletin board, and calls Kori. She is suspicious of Ethan and asks him to bring her a photo of him and Ashley so that she knows that he is familiar with her. As Ethan brings the photo she asked for, she agrees and gives him the money. As he wants to go, she mysteriously says that if she had not been there newly, Ashley would have never lost the money. Then she goes away.

When Ethan tries to undo Olivia Eights accident, she says that at this stage, the accident has already happened and that Ethan can not do anything for Olivia here. She appears again when Ethan tries to undo Lucky´s death and reveals being able to move when time is frozen. Kori appears again in front of the Chronos, asking Ethan if he was able to undo the past correctly. After Ethan asks who she is, she reveals that she knew his father and that the Hollow Pen is his legacy.

She is seen when Derek leaves the Aeon and encounters with her. Onegin pulls her to him and locks the door, then asks Kori if she already met Ethan. Kori negates. Next morning, she asks Ethan if he killed Mary Onegin. When Ethan negates, saying that he tries everything possible to help her, she believes him. Nearby, Emily is sobbing, thinking that Ethan and Kori might be a couple. She reveals that she is "timeless" and wants to tell Ethan that it was his father who pulled her through the hole, but is interrupted by a time change.

Koris is seen again standing in front of the Chronos, clutching her hourglass necklace and looking very touched when realizing Derek has used their pendants as the Chronos sign, and asks Ethan to save his uncle. She later finds out that it was Derek who gave the café his name: Chronos.

Kori appears again when Ethan faces Irving Onegin who is trying to travel to the past. She tries to stop him but fails in the end. She meets with Ethan at the former Aeon and reveals that Onegin has betrayed her. She begs Ethan to save her and covers her face with her hands. She tells him that his father was the one who pulled her through the hole, and that she waited for him to undo everything.

She later encounters together with Ethan the new Onegin that has now got the name Jack Twombly. When polive claims Ethan to be the murderer of Ashley and Emily, she meets him at Kako High. They figure out a way to save Ashley and Emily together, and as he goes home to get Ashley's mobile back, Kori stays with him and detracts the guards. After Ethan undid Ashley's and Emilys death, she phones him and asks if he was successful. His friends joke about Kori being his girlfriend, while he avoids a statement about this.

When Derek dies, Kori waits for Ethan at the library and seems to be sad. Ethan remarks that she speaks of Derek in a very familiar way. She later travels into the past to save Derek, and leans on his chest as she says goodbye to him. Ethan seems to be very worried about her while she is in the past. When he rescues his parents, Jack attacks him with a knife and Kori embraces him, protecting him from harm. Jack then jokes about Ethan being very precious to Kori, stating that they would be a nicer couple than her and Derek. Kori states that she hates him and that he annoys her. Furious Jack then kicks her heavily again and again, until Derek shows up catching him and preventing them from harm. While trying to close the hole, Ethan apologizes for not being Derek. Kori seems to be very touched by Ethans feelings for her. After closing the hole, Jack yells that Ethan has to die and tries to stab him with his knife; however, Kori protects Ethan embracing him, being mortally wounded. While fading away, she tells Ethan that she believes in him being able to save her, and that she is certain of her and Derek being able to meet again at Chronos. As she fades away, her hourglass necklace falls down and Jack runs away, his eyes covered with his hands.

It is revealed that Kori and Derek were a couple nineteen years ago and that Ethans father pulled Kori through the time hole so Derek would not commit suicide. When Ethan tries to save Kori, he sees no other alternative than pulling Kori through the hole again. Saddened, he realizes that the Kori he had known is now gone and that he will never see her again. As Kori thanks Ethan for saving her, he tells her that he only wanted her to be "where she belongs to". He then states that she indeed looks like Mary Onegin.

While trying to save Kori for good, Derek volunteers to go through the time hole and saves Kori from the crash. Dereks timeless self makes his past self to promise him that he will take care of Kori forever. When everything turned back to normal, Ethan receives a letter that says Derek has married Kori and now carries the "Chronos" together with her; he states that he knows about Ethan's feelings for Kori and that he acknowledges them.

At the end of the game, someone resembling Kori is mentioned by Ashley Threet as "someone they will spend their holidays with". It is speculated that this character is her daughter.


Kori's theme is called "The One that Comes and Goes", played when Ethan firstly explores the new time he is trapped in, meets with Kori, prevents Shiloh's death, prevents Derek's death with the help of a notice, closes the hole while saving his parents, tries to prevent Mary's death, and after he successfully manages to prevent her death.

Kori's Feelings Edit

While it still remains unclear if Kori loved Ethan or not, it is clear that she loved Derek in the past as in the future. Still, it can be said that she only loved Derek as her future self because she never met Ethan. As for Ethan and Kori being hero and heroine, and meeting together in the opening while standing close to each other often, it can be interpreted that they are a couple, though. In japanese culture, it is often shown to be very romantic if the couple loves each other even after one has faded away; to show the bond between them, it is often occurring that the couple is able to meet each other again or that the one faded away is now able to come back. In case of Kori, it can be interpreted - since no one has ever specified the girl in the ending - that Kori indeed came back to meet Ethan again by breaking the rules of time, while her future self is married with Derek, so everybody is finally happy. As the game consists of Ethan trying to make everybody happy without caring about his own happiness, it could be interpreted as a final piece of happiness for Ethan himself, having created a future that pleases himself, too. 

Name Edit

  • Her english name Kori means "Hollow". In japanese term, Kori (氷) can also means "ice", a reference to that the time around her had since "stopped".

Notes Edit

  • Kori possesses, like Derek Kairos, a necklace with a winged hourglass pendant she holds very dear. This later becomes the logo of Chronos.
  • Derek mentions that Kori is a big fan of ancient Greek mythology.