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Mary Onegin, known as Naoko Ichiyanagi (一柳 奈緒子) in the Japanese version, is a character in Time Hollow. She is Irving Onegin's mother. She died in an accident 35 years ago, however, the mystery surrounding that accident is somehow connected to the powers of the Hollow Pen.

Mary also possesses a Hollow Pen similar to Ethan's pen with the only difference being that its color is red. This makes her and anyone of her descendants able to change the events in time.

Description Edit

  • Irving's mom. Was involved in a bus accident a long time ago.
  • Turns out that bus accident was a suicide attempt...

Story Edit

Mary had supposedly received a letter from Ethan's father, Timothy Kairos, which led her to taking the bus that ended up in a fatal accident. Whenever Ethan attempted to save her from the bus accident by calling her name through the portal, she would end up being "rescued" but would wound up dead on that same bus accident anyway. It was later revealed that Mary's future self(from the original timeline) would use her Hollow Pen to get her younger self into the ill-fated bus so she will die. She explained to Ethan that she knew of her son's obsession for Kori, and whenever she tried to stop him from killing his classmate by hiding the objects he would use for the murder, he would still find another way to kill Kori. Desperately she decided to avoid the incident by having her youger self die in the bus accident.

With the present day Derek's help, the Kairos were able to truly save Kori from her fate and ultimately Mary's as well. Irving's crime was exposed and Mary presumably moved away with him to live in peace.

Name Edit

  • Her english given name, Mary, can means "bitterness".