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Time Hollow gameplay is split into eight chapters, including a prologue and an epilogue. The events of each chapter occur within a day, and any chapter can be replayed, provided they have already been completed, through the main menu.

Prologue: A New DayEdit

Chapter 1: The Day that VanishedEdit

Chapter 2: The Day that ChangedEdit

Chapter 3: The Day of MemoriesEdit

Chapter 4: The Day Far AwayEdit

Chapter 5: The Day of ResolutionEdit

Chapter 6: The Final DayEdit

Epilogue: A New Day DawnsEdit


Main article: Time Hollow Alternate Ending
  • It is possible, after completing the game at least once, to skip chapters 1 through 6. This is considered an alternate ending where Ethan uses the pen to correct the past faster and more efficiently.