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Time Hollow (TIME HOLLOW 奪われた過去を求めて Taimu Horou Ubawareta Kako o Motomete, lit. Time Hollow: Search for the Stolen Past) is an adventure game for the Nintendo DS released by Konami. The game follows the story of Ethan Kairos, a high schooler whose life drastically changes when his parents suddenly cease to exist and he finds a mysterious pen that can alter the past.

As Ethan investigates the disappearance of his parents, he must use the power of the Hollow Pen to correct the past and put things where they belong. Through the DS touch screen and stylus, players can open "holes" at exact moments in the past. This ability doesn't go without consequences, however, and before long, Ethan must find out what or who, exactly, is changing the past for the worse...

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Sox, known as Forō (フォ郎) in the Japanese version, is the family cat of the Kairos in Time Hollow. He is introduced very early in the game and continues to appear and help the main character, Ethan, throughout the story. Ethan describes Sox as being his uncle's former pet, however, it is later revealed that Sox has been with the Kairos family for much longer.

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Ethan Kairos' first dig.

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