Vin Threet, known as Motoki Mihara (三原 元樹) in the Japanese version, is one of the main characters in Time Hollow. Vin is a fellow student and childhood friend of the protagonist, Ethan Kairos. He was once a basketball star, but was benched due to a childhood injury and has, since then, taken things at a more relaxed pace. He is often resentful of his sister, Ashley, but he soon becomes concerned when something happens to her.

Description Edit

  • A good friend of mine. He was on the basketball team, but an old injury benched him.
  • A good friend of mine. He's on the basketball team, but spends a lot of time with us at Chronos.

Name Edit

  • His japanese name, Motoki, roughly translates to beginning wood.

Trivia Edit

  •  When saving Shiloh, it is possible to prevent Vin from getting injured, which will result in a minor change in the canon timeline, where Vin will be on the basketball team in high school.